Happy New Year from Port Jeff Harbor!


Greetings and welcome to the future, 2017! Arame is super excited to share some new happenings buzzing around the salon! Next time you step through our door you may notice the salon looks a bit different. That's because, IT IS! Our team is excited to be working on fresh new luxury vinyl floors made from recycled wood, bamboo, and underlying cork.

Also, we wanted to leave all the clutter behind in 2016. Those blow dryers dangling from our ceilings are not leftover holiday decor. In fact, they are our new weightless freestyle blow dryer system! The team will even benefit physically making it easier on their back and shoulders while they work. They are even energy efficient! Our new LED lights shining above your head give you an even fresher perspective on that new hair color! Watch out everyone, we're going futuristic and sleek! Our education has also started up again after our busy holiday season!

We will be recruiting models for different services at the end of each month. If you or any, family, friends or coworkers are interested in a complimentary or extremely discounted service, please contact the salon at 631.331.6633! We are recruiting as soon as today! 

One other New improvement in the NEW YEAR is our upgraded referral program! Here's how it works.......... before you leave for your service you will receive a card especially for you. If you refer a friend, family, co-worker, heck .. even a friendly stranger standing on line at Starbucks who is gushing over your luxurious locks, you will receive $25 in Aveda product for EVERY new guest that you bring through our doors for a service! Think about it, refer 4 guests and that's $100 worth of product! WOW! Being it's the New Year, many people are looking to update or refresh their look. It's a great opportunity for you to pass the card along! Have fun with it and earn those dollars towards product, Aveda Junkies!

Note: Crazy relative & friend referrals will be charged a premium :-)  

In light of the arrival of Winter Storm Helena today (weather), enjoy and be safe. 

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