Love & NOLA

Love and inspiration is filling the air at Arame! We have much to fill you in on with exciting news on whats been happening both inside AND outside the salon!

As a few team members took flight down to New Orleans in mid January to endure some "Serious Business". The conference for hair designers and salon owners left them feeling inspired and rejuvenated! Between new information filling their brains and amazing cajun cuisine filling their bellies, they were pumped to bring the new ideas back to the rest of the crew. 


Valentine's Day is right around the corner. There is no better time for Aveda to introduce two new incredible products that are bound to steal your heart! These babies are called Tulasara Wedding Masque and Overnight Eye Masque. For goodness sake, the name has love written all over it! In India, their is a tradition for the bride and groom, the night before their wedding to apply tumeric based treatment mask to their face and neck. In the morning they would wake up with a luminious sheen to their skin, glowing for their wedding day. Sounds incredible, right? WELL IT IS! The team has been using it and within just one week have noticed their skin brighter and restored. It is 97% naturally derived designed to brighten, firm, and repair. The overnight eye masque reduces the appearance of dark circles by 85%. Tumeric root extract boosts luminosity and helps even the complexion, combined with plant stem cells that keep your skin looking firm. The products arrived in mid January and they have not been able to keep themselves on the shelves. Ask the team and we would be more than happy to let you experience the product for yourself. We will add you to our Pre-Order list so as soon as they come in it they will be marked with your name on it!

We have a fun Valentines promotion going on as well! When you come into the salon, prepare to be greeted with Kisses! .... No, not from Truman! (get your heads out of the gutter). Pick a Hersheys Kiss out of a secret jar, whichever color you choose will leave you eligible for (10%) or (20%) off when you purchase any 3 products of your choice!! (Hellooo Tulasara Wedding and Eye Masques!) Theres one special kiss in the jar that if you are lucky enough to dig out, you get a grand prize! (ohh, la,la!) WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CHOCOLATES! 

Team news: Our teammate Alexa has chosen to make a change in her career and delve into the Health and Nutrition field! We are sad to see her go and very excited for her new adventure! (Truman was turned upside down by the news)


Alexa went on to say, "Over time health and wellness has become a huge passion of mine and I have decided to change my path. It has been an absolute pleasure servicing and getting to know each and every one of you over the past 7 + years working at Arame. I will treasure all of the memories we've shared!" Lots of Love! Alexa"  

All the best Alexa, we will miss you and look forward to seeing you soon, thanks for everything!

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