March Madness in Port Jeff!

Why, hello there March. We appreciate you showing up a little early and shining your warm rays during Presidents week! We are excited you are here and looking forward to spring! Oh wait, have you seen the bright and cheerful Leprechaun prancing around the Village? He's made a stop at Arame to say hello! As quickly as he arrived.. he vanished (sneaky little thing)!


All that was left behind was his pot of multi colored chocolate coins! We dug and we dug and we dug through the pot.. and at the bottom was a note specifying what each color represents. Were you in for our Hershey Kiss Valentines Promo? Our Lucky Leprechaun upped the ante on this one! The Purple coin represents 15% off any three Aveda products! The Green coin represents 20% off any three Aveda Products, and the GOLD coin is the GRAND PRIZE! Woo! In addition, add any piece of makeup and receive an additional 5% off! You may also choose two liters instead of three products? The Leprechaun will honor that as well! Keep in mind, we had four Grand Prize winners last month! So dig deep 🤗

 Donna just made her first adventure of 2017 into SOHO for a haircutting education class at The Aveda Institute, with Purefessional, Steve Royster! Donna's appointment book is becoming busier and busier and she is having a blast behind the chair! If you need to book an appointment, call now, this girls booking up fast! On that same note, we always recommend that you prebook your next appointment before you leave from your current one. This will help to make sure you get the day and time that works best for your schedule vs. short notice requests whcih often times are challenging to accomodate.

Some other bits of exciting news. Those of you who carry around a Discover card in your wallet will be excited to hear that we are now accepting these, WOOO HOOO!

Just a little teaser alert.. Aveda has revamped their Mens Gray blending line! Ladies, Let your fellas know. And Fellas.. stay tuned! Catch up on the next blog in mid March to hear our exciting promo we will have going on for the Men's NEW Gray Blending!

The Team at Arame!

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